Aims and Targets

The first Russian union of professionals working in the field of control of healthcare associated infections (HCAI).

Noncommercial partnership «National Association of the Specialists in Control of Health Care-Associated Infections» (NP «NASCI») is a non-profit membership organisation established to support its members in their work for achievement of the aims set by the Charter.


  • Support of medical science and healthcare development ensuring due quality and safety of medical aid and prevention of healthcare associated infections.
  • Professional consolidation, strengthening and promotion of occupational contacts and cooperation between healthcare professionals engaged in control of healthcare associated infections — epidemiologists, hygienists, microbiologists, immunologists, clinical pathology professionals, disinfectology professionals, physicians of various specialties, clinical pharmacologists, health officials, nurses and nursing care managers, as well as manufacturers and vendors of medical supplies and equipment, devices for infection diagnostics, treatment and prevention, professionals of other institutions and agencies.
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